A Love Story


Sails on the bay Wedding

Rod and Jane’s wedding day proved that they will be there for each other, come rain, hail or shine. After an early morning downpour, they decided that it would be safest to use ‘plan b’, and move their garden ceremony indoors, to the historic Observatory in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. The ceremony was a beautiful mix of Australian and Vietnamese culture, and was viewed by the couple’s closest friends and family.


Wedding Rings and Details


The couple share a love for traveling. I asked them about the proposal, and was not surprised to hear it occurred during one of their many trips overseas:
“We stopped by Singapore on our way to Vietnam. We happened to stay at the
Marina Bay Sands and the view was just magnificent. Rod was waiting for
the right moment. We were in our hotel room and had our moment then, he
kneed down and asked me to be his wife. I gladly said Yes!”


Modern Groom Portrait


Relaxed Groom Preperations


Wedding Details


Bride Dress – Getting Ready @ Hotel


Bridal Portrait Before the Wedding – Indoors




Jane predicted that Rod would be a little emotional during the ceremony and she was right! The moment he saw his stunning bride walking down the aisle, his eyes welled up with tears of joy and his jaw dropped. An equally emotional Jane had the support of both of her proud parents as she made her way to join hand in hand with her future husband. It was impossible not to be touched by the love that this couple share, and their vows were a perfect reflection of this love.


Melbourne observatory at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens – Plan B (Indoor wedding ceremony)


Emotional first look – walking down the aisle


Melbourne Observatory Wedding


Melbourne observatory wedding


Sand pouring wedding ceremony




In the short amount of time I spent with them, I could tell just how supportive they are of each other. The sky is no limit with Rod and Jane, who are constantly challenging themselves to conquer fears together. Sky diving and hot air ballooning are just some of the many adventures they have had together.


Melbourne Botanical Gardens Wedding Locations


Botanical Garden Melbourne Observatory Photo Locations


Victoria Barracks Wedding Photography


Fun & Candid Wedding Photography Melbourne


Victoria Barracks Wedding


I asked Rod and Jane what they were looking for in a Wedding Photographer, to which they replied:
“We are looking for a photographer who is easy to work with, knows their craft and can capture the emotions, fun and special moments of the day”.
With such a romantic and easygoing couple, it was not hard at all to fulfil their requirements and capture some great memories that will last a lifetime.

sails by the bay

Sails by the bay wedding


Their wedding reception at Sails by the Bay was very personalised and reflective of Rod and Jane as a couple. Framed photos of the two at different stages of their relationship adorned the tables at the reception. A book of photographs, including many of their pre-wedding photos I photographed prior to the wedding, was displayed on the signing table was a nice touch, allowing guests to see their journey together.

Love story details

Wedding details

Wedding Reception Sails by the bay details

Wedding Reception Sails by the bay details


Rod and Jane, thank you for giving me the honour of photographing your wedding day. Your love for one another is inspiring, and I wish you both all the best in your new adventures in marriage.

Botanical Gardens Melbourne – Jewish Wedding

“It took a production team of two photographers and two videographers to capture Jacob and Irina’s Jewish wedding, and the results are breathtaking!”

Irina and Jacob’s “big day” truly was a big day!

Victoria Barracks Wedding Photo

Stunning Wedding location photos at Victoria Barracks

Our three- part photography and film crew were welcomed into Jacob’s home by his mother, Zara, to find Jacob and his groomsmen decked out in matching “team groom 2014” t-shirts. They changed into their wedding attire, and Noble Films recorded Jacob saying some lovely words about his soon to be bride, Irina. It quickly became clear just how very much he adores Irina, as he told us just how excited he was to spend the rest of his life with her.

jewish wedding details

Jacob’s Wedding Details

We filmed and photographed Jacob opening a surprise pre-wedding gift of Chanel cologne given to him by his bride-to-be, Irina.

We departed from Jacob’s house with handfuls of home made cookies generously given to us by Zara (and they were delicious!). It is clear that both Irina and Jacob are very close to their families, and relatives from both sides were incredibly kind and accommodating to us.

Melbourne groom portraits

Jacob and his Groomsmen

Irina’s day began at around 5am, when she was greeted by her hair and makeup artists to start preparing for the wedding day. When we arrived, she was a little sleepy from the early rise, but that was far outweighed by her excitement for the day ahead. As our Noble Films videographer filmed her bridal details, I photographed her gorgeous wedding dress that weighed a whopping 15kgs! The gown was intricately detailed with jewels and layers of delicate material, with a train that reached the floor, even when it was hung up over the door.

Bridal Preparation

Irina with her mum Dina and Bridesmaids

Bridal Details with rings

Irina’s Bridal Details

Bridal Wedding Gown

The amazing 15kg Wedding Gown!

After filming and photographing Irina, her mum Dina, and her four bridesmaids, it was time for Irina to get changed into her bridal gown. It was then that the nerves began to set in. These were soon turned to excitement as soon as I mentioned Jacob’s name, and in no time she was smiling and giggling every time myself and Noble Films’ videographer mentioned his name.

wedding dress

Nerves turned to excitement as Irina put on her gown

stunning bridal veil portrait
The beautiful bride Irina couldn’t wait to marry the love of her life, Jacob

wedding dress back shot

A back shot of Irina in her wedding dress

After some more photos and filming, we left the girls to finish getting ready (once again with handfuls of delicious homemade snacks), to head to the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne, where the traditional Jewish Wedding was to be held. We were joined here by a second videographer for Noble Films, completing our four part photography and videography team to capture every moment.

It was a beautiful, sunny spring day with not a cloud in the sky, and a Chuppah was set up for ceremony. A violinist played traditional Russian Jewish music, as friends and family gathered onto the green lawn of the gardens.

As the stretch limousine came down the Botanical Garden path, Jacob smiled in anticipation for his soon to be bride to step out. I snapped a few shots of Irina and her mother Dina inside the limo, before she emerged with a huge smile on her face. Their hundreds of guests were all standing, smiling and snapping photos of Irina, but she only had eyes for Jacob. As Irina walked down the aisle, Jacob was beaming from ear to ear, and guests took their seats as the couple joined hands beneath the Chuppah to begin their marriage ceremony.

Stretch Limousine

Arriving in style!

Walking down the aisle

Irina and Jacob’s first look!

Holding hands at Jewish wedding ceremony

About to be married!

With four photographers and videographers, we didn’t miss a moment of Jacob and Irina’s Jewish Ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful, complete with traditional Jewish customs including the Rabbi and family members reading seven blessings to the couple in Hebrew. Jacob completed the ceremony by breaking the glass, which was followed by calls of “Mazel Tov!” by family and guests.

Jewish wedding under Chuppah

The wedding took place in the beautiful Melbourne Botanical Gardens

breaking the glass and first kiss at Jewish wedding

Breaking the glass and first kiss!

Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

Friends and family congratulated Irina and Jacob, and after signing the marriage contract, a group photo and some family time, we left to take some location photos around Melbourne. We didn’t have to travel far as across the road was Victoria Barracks, a perfect location for some romantic photos of the newlyweds.

Botanical Gardens wedding portraits

A few location photographs at the Gardens

Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographs

Victoria Barracks

Victoria Barracks Photographs

We went to some “GREAT Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations”

Wedding location photos at Victoria Barracks

Some photographs more on the beautiful steps

Bride and Groom wedding portraits

LOVE this location!

Bride's veil flying in the wind

What a veil!

Irina’s amazing veil was perfect for this flying veil shot in front of the green vines at Victoria Barracks

Our next location was the Langham hotel in the heart of Southbank, Melbourne. I used flash to create a striking composition of Irina and Jacob on the grand staircase, whilst Noble Films captured the couple embracing on film.

Langham Hotel Wedding Photographs

Photographs taken at the entrance of the Langham

A few photographs later, we headed to Leonda by the Yarra, a beautiful location where Irina and Jacob were to have their wedding reception. The couple were very impressed with the beautifully decorated room, with lots of flowers and an amazing rose garden centrepiece hanging from the ceiling above the dancefloor. Our melbourne videographers  filmed the couple practicing their first dance, as I photographed the floral details that were perfectly complemented by the vast windows looking out over the tree-lined Melbourne Yarra River, matching the garden wedding theme.

Leonda Reception Detail Photographs

Reception Details

Leonda by the Yarra table details

Leonda by the Yarra table details

Leonda Reception Meal

The food at Leonda was amazing!


We then walked outside and utilised the golden light of the setting sun to create some romantic compositions of Irina and Jacob, the luscious green foliage of the gum trees and Australian natives that lined the Yarra River. The newlyweds needed no posing or direction, as they embraced arm in arm, gazing into each others eyes.

Location photos by the Yarra

The gumtrees at Leonda were the perfect backdrop for some location photographs!

Romantic golden light wedding photos

Jacob and Irina took a romantic stroll by the river

Leonda by the Yarra Wedding Reception

Leonda by the Yarra Wedding Reception

“Leonda by the Yarra was a stunning location for Irina and Jacob’s Jewish Wedding Reception”

The wedding reception was a joyous and fun filled occasion, which was kicked off by the bridal party entering the room, soon joined by every single guest on the dancefloor. As part of Jewish wedding tradition, the couple were hoisted on chairs into the air by their guests; a moment which was captured both photographically and on film.

Jewish wedding reception dancing and chairs

The newlyweds were hoisted into the air on chairs by their guests

Dancing at Jewish Wedding Reception

Guests formed a circle around the couple as they danced

Jewish wedding reception dancing

Everybody joined in!


The newlyweds’ first dance was followed by spirited dancing from all of the guests that continued throughout the entire reception. This included exchanging of costumes, hula hoops and even a skipping rope; all elements of a traditional Jewish wedding. To continue the fun, the bridal party had put together a surprise performance for the couple, in which they re-enacted Irina and Jacob’s love story. They dressed up and acted their first encounter, whilst some of the bridesmaids sang a dedication to the newlyweds.

First Dance

Jacob and Irina’s first dance!

Jewish reception costumes

The reception was filled with costumes and traditions

Jewish Wedding Reception Celebrations dancing

Everybody had fun dancing in traditional costume

Traditional Jewish Wedding Costume

Jacob and Irina in costume

Traditional Jewish Wedding Reception Skipping Rope

The newlyweds skipping together


Considering it was such a long day (our photography and video coverage was 18 hours alone!), before we knew it it was midnight, and time for the newlywed couple to farewell their guests and begin their new journey together. They left in style, heading down the steps of Leonda Reception to a boat awaiting them on the Yarra river.

Leonda by the yarra boat departure

Departing the reception by boat at Leonda by the Yarra

Irina and Jacob’s wedding was an enormous day filled with Jewish tradition, friends, family, a lot of fun, and so much love. I am truly grateful to have been able to capture such an amazing wedding event, and I wish both Jacob and Irina all the best for their future together.
Mazel Tov!




It was great to see Ilana and Paul again at this wedding, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since photographing your wedding!!!

Jewish Wedding photography at The Regent Plaza Ballroom melbourne