A Love Story


Sails on the bay Wedding

Rod and Jane’s wedding day proved that they will be there for each other, come rain, hail or shine. After an early morning downpour, they decided that it would be safest to use ‘plan b’, and move their garden ceremony indoors, to the historic Observatory in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. The ceremony was a beautiful mix of Australian and Vietnamese culture, and was viewed by the couple’s closest friends and family.


Wedding Rings and Details


The couple share a love for traveling. I asked them about the proposal, and was not surprised to hear it occurred during one of their many trips overseas:
“We stopped by Singapore on our way to Vietnam. We happened to stay at the
Marina Bay Sands and the view was just magnificent. Rod was waiting for
the right moment. We were in our hotel room and had our moment then, he
kneed down and asked me to be his wife. I gladly said Yes!”


Modern Groom Portrait


Relaxed Groom Preperations


Wedding Details


Bride Dress – Getting Ready @ Hotel


Bridal Portrait Before the Wedding – Indoors




Jane predicted that Rod would be a little emotional during the ceremony and she was right! The moment he saw his stunning bride walking down the aisle, his eyes welled up with tears of joy and his jaw dropped. An equally emotional Jane had the support of both of her proud parents as she made her way to join hand in hand with her future husband. It was impossible not to be touched by the love that this couple share, and their vows were a perfect reflection of this love.


Melbourne observatory at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens – Plan B (Indoor wedding ceremony)


Emotional first look – walking down the aisle


Melbourne Observatory Wedding


Melbourne observatory wedding


Sand pouring wedding ceremony




In the short amount of time I spent with them, I could tell just how supportive they are of each other. The sky is no limit with Rod and Jane, who are constantly challenging themselves to conquer fears together. Sky diving and hot air ballooning are just some of the many adventures they have had together.


Melbourne Botanical Gardens Wedding Locations


Botanical Garden Melbourne Observatory Photo Locations


Victoria Barracks Wedding Photography


Fun & Candid Wedding Photography Melbourne


Victoria Barracks Wedding


I asked Rod and Jane what they were looking for in a Wedding Photographer, to which they replied:
“We are looking for a photographer who is easy to work with, knows their craft and can capture the emotions, fun and special moments of the day”.
With such a romantic and easygoing couple, it was not hard at all to fulfil their requirements and capture some great memories that will last a lifetime.

sails by the bay

Sails by the bay wedding


Their wedding reception at Sails by the Bay was very personalised and reflective of Rod and Jane as a couple. Framed photos of the two at different stages of their relationship adorned the tables at the reception. A book of photographs, including many of their pre-wedding photos I photographed prior to the wedding, was displayed on the signing table was a nice touch, allowing guests to see their journey together.

Love story details

Wedding details

Wedding Reception Sails by the bay details

Wedding Reception Sails by the bay details


Rod and Jane, thank you for giving me the honour of photographing your wedding day. Your love for one another is inspiring, and I wish you both all the best in your new adventures in marriage.

Wedding Proposal Photographed & Filmed

A Surprise Wedding Proposal In The Yarra Valley!

Have you ever had those magical moments and wished you had it all captured on film to share with loved ones and show how amazing it was…??  Documenting these special moments is something we at Noble Photography are passionate about!  Whether you film it to have on record for yourselves, too keep it private between the two of you and to be able to look back on and watch over and over or to share the moment with the world, it s a wonderful keepsake to share with future generations to come!! 

Jay had planned on proposing to Jasmine whilst holidaying overseas but when Jay sensed that Jasmine had an idea this was on the cards he put the thinking cap on and held off hoping to up the anti for when they returned!

Jasmine was told that she was going out to lunch with her girlfriends for her birthday, so she was dressed nicely and had a limo come to pick her up, from there Jasmine was chauffeured Essendon Airport where a helicopter was waiting to take her to Debortoli winery in the Yarra Valley.

Debortoli in the Yarra Valley consists of the most beautiful gardens overlooking the vineyards which provide the most idyllic setting for photography.

Jay was waiting for Jasmins arrival at Debortoli where he had set-up a banner that read “Marry Me Bubba” that could clearly be read from the sky!  We watched as he nervously hammered the sign into the ground waiting on her arrival.

The chopper landed and we captured the beautiful wedding proposal that Jay had so carefully planned out!  Its a question thats always asked couples “ How did he propose?”  and what a fabulous thing to have to show people and to answer, ‘Well I’ll show you!”

Being such an impressive proposal we decided to also shoot video of the event, along with a time-lapse camera that captured the whole moment as the world moved and time passed them by.

After the big proposal we organised to do a mini location portrait session, or literally an engagement session! amongst the vines!

Our newly engaged Jay and Jasmine hopped back into the helicopter, headed for a romantic lunch at together at another nearby winery.

Thanks Jay for having us document such a momentous occasion in your lives!  Great job mate! As I said to you on the day, “You are really setting the bar high for all of your mates!!” Thanks again for having the team at Noble Photography there!

All the best, and hope to see you at your wedding! :)



Got a great proposal that you’d love to have captured?

Give us a yell! 😉


Pre Wedding Photography in Melbourne Australia

Pre-Wedding Photography in Melbourne with Carol and Pen from Hong Kong

This was an interesting story with Pen and Carol, they found me through my website, and really liked some of the Melbourne photography locations along with my style of wedding photography.  It all started with an email, wanting images like the ones they had saved from my website, from locations all around Melbourne Australia.  The email came from Hong Kong, the city I love, miss and grew up in!  Anyways, when I got the inquiry and saw the hong kong phone number I decided to give them a call instead of an email, and speak Chinese.  I loved the reaction and how surprised they were about my ability to speak Chinese when I explained that I was the photographer from Australia.

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography in Melbourne Australia

We exchanged several emails before the pre-wedding photo shoot around Melbourne, and they had short listed many locations in and around Melbourne, including Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens, St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne, Rippon Lea House, Lagoon Pier and St Kilda as possible pre-wedding locations.  I really did find it amazing that they were able to find and locate so many wonderful pre wedding locations around melbourne without even having been here before!   The marvels of technology and the internet.

We met the day before the shoot, as they had only just arrived Australia from Hong Kong, just to touch base and have a bit of a plan.  As they were from Hong Kong and not hired a car, we used my car for the photoshoot.  We went to where they were staying and got a few details in and around the house, then with my trusty assistant and Carol and Pen in the car off we went.

Banks of the River – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #1

The first photography location was just off the banks of the yarra, a location which i had never heard of or been to before, but it was quite beautiful!    Carrol and Pen again found this pre wedding photography location, which had beautiful yellow flowers in the field, which matched Carols head piece which she made herself in the morning.

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Great Pre Wedding Photography Locations around the Yarra River Melbourne

Melbourne University – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #2

At Melbourne University another popular Pre-Wedding Photography and Wedding Day Location, we got more gorgeous images.  I love this venue and shoot here frequently.  While we were doing our Pre-wedding photos I noticed a group of people trying to take a group photo of themselves.  Without thinking I offered to take it for them with their camera, and after that they said, take one with your camera, so I quickly repositioned them so that each person was seen in a flattering angle and light, and snapped away.  Turns out one of the guests they referred to as the ‘VIP’ was the consulate general of Chille.  Wow!  They mentioned that they certainly would keep me in mind for future jobs!  Just shows, it’s great to always be of help to people, something that I live by daily.

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne University

Pre Wedding Photography @ Melbourne University

St Patricks Cathedral – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #3

From the Uni we then traveled to St Patricks Cathedral and got a few photos there using some very powerful off camera flashes to over power the bright Australian sun, making the background very blue and reducing the harsh shadows on their faces.

Fitzroy Gardens  Pre-Wedding Photography Location #4

To the Fitzroy gardens,  to capture some images within One of Melbourne’s many Beautiful gardens.  It was funny that they kept really wanting to go to Cooks Cottage for photography, and I did think to myself, why this spot, but that didn’t worry me, I go with the flow.  After arriving at Cooks Cottage, Carol and Pen were laughing, I asked in Chinese “what’s so funny?”  they replied ” We thought it was so much bigger!  It looked so much bigger in the photos online”  We all laughed hard about it, it was like real estate photos, same building and location, but so different in real life!  That is all in the photography and lens selection I suppose.

Pre Wedding Photography Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens Pre Wedding Photography

South Melbourne Town Hall – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #5

From Cooks Cottage we traveled to The South Melbourne Town Hall, Carol was getting a little cold now, and I was not sure if it would be too windy down by the beach.  So we got a few safe shots,  and then headed down the beach.

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Australian Beach Sunset- Pre-Wedding Photography Location #6

Down at the beach we saw some amazing other pre wedding photographers leaving, I thought to myself, why would you leave now, the sky is about to turn amazing, and even though the sun was setting quickly there is always [=that amazing “magic hour” (really magic 15 mins if your lucky) of light.  we made the most of the time we had there, scrambling to setup lights and working in the sand dunes to get some great photos.

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography

Parliament House Melbourne – Night Shoot- Pre-Wedding Photography Location

I really enjoy Night Shooting in Melbourne.  I’m quite confident and proficient with lighting techniques and working in the dark, this time was an added bonus as I didn’t have any time pressures, as I would for Wedding photography.  Here are a few more photos from the night shoot, and of course a photo of me with the lovely couple.

Asian Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Pre Wedding Photography at Parliament House Melbourne at Night

Thank you Carol and Pen, it was so great meeting and working with you both, and great to speak Chinese all day.  It was such a privilege, can’t wait to catchup in Hong Kong!!!