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Our Photography style -Melbourne Wedding Photographer

The overall picture

At Noble Photography we are proud of the fact that most of our clients come from word of mouth referrals.

We believe our photography has 5 key differences:

  • Wedding photojournalism at its finest
  • Perfect and unusual compositions
  • Outstanding all-weather photography, day or night
  • Perfection in post-production
  • Depth in the detail

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our photographic talent to capture the most striking images possible. We don’t just shoot. We create.

Wedding photojournalism at its finest

Wedding photojournalism involves photographing a smorgasbord of both candid and gently directed moments, all skillfully and intuitively captured as your day slowly unfolds.

Our Wedding Photography Style

The result is truly remarkable photographs. You see, every Noble photograph has a point. Every photograph has a narrative. Every photograph contains a story that can be passed down from parents to children and beyond.

With Noble Photography, you don’t just see technically excellent photographs, you see a love story unfold in the most creative and spectacular way possible.

Perfect and unusual compositions. That’s our angle.

We don’t believe in ‘pointing and shooting’ for the simple sake of getting a straightforward photograph.

As an individual, your personality is made up of a wonderful tapestry of emotions and feelings, especially on your wedding day. With our creative eye we can ensure that every photograph tells your beautiful story, rather than just capturing your beauty.

Artistic Wedding Photography Style

How do we do this? We use our expertise and endless creative spirit to take photographs from unusual angles: seizing a stunning silhouette and/or wresting a reflection; sizing up every symmetry and playing with every possibility.

Technically, it’s about perfect composition. Creatively, it’s about telling your story from many splendid angles.

lindenderry wedding photography
Outstanding all-weather Photography

At Noble Photography we turn every climatic event into a creative opportunity. No matter what the sky gives us on any given day, we can handle it, and indeed, we love it. Some of our most stunning images have been captured in the rain, with our couples staying dry, and our Melbourne wedding photographers getting very wet!
Wet Weather Wedding Photography

Day or night, our photography is out of sight

Along with using the most cutting-edge cameras and lighting equipment, we are experts in the finer details of utilising lighting and advanced flash photography. This means we can easily and proficiently photograph at any time of the night and day.

To the average eye, a night photograph may seem dark and dismal, but with adept exposure we reveal tantalising, colour-inflected backgrounds.

Our style is not about blinding you with paparazzi-style flash photography, rather, we bathe you in just the right light in order to bring out the natural colours of the background.
Wedding Photography Styles

We are the lighting experts. Without perfect lighting, you will not get perfect photographs. And speaking of lighting, when couples see photographs from their wedding day for the first time, their faces literally do ‘light’ up!

Advanced Post Production

Post production involves making changes to photographs in order to enhance or correct them in some way. For example, we can: infuse textures, add grains, remove objects, isolate colours, change the images to black & white or sepia tones, and complete other advanced techniques.

At Noble Photography we don’t believe in rampantly re-touching photographs in order to make everything plastic-perfect. We believe in celebrating and enhancing all that is beautiful and natural in your photographs.

Depth in the detail

In the true spirit of photojournalism, along with capturing the big moments with their large details, we also capture the smaller moments with their finer details. Whether it’s the single bud amidst a flourishing centerpiece or the dainty buttons on a gorgeous gown – we like to capture it.

Amidst the flurry of your big day, it’s these exquisite details that you may neither notice nor remember, but we capture them for you; so that in a quiet, future moment you can pause, reflect and marvel.

Love is forever. Capturing it is Noble. To ask a question or to enquire about our availability for your wedding date, please contact your Melbourne wedding photographer. We’d love to hear from you!


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