Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Why Choose Noble Photography as Your Wedding Photographer?

At Noble Photography we are about honesty, integrity and everything in between.

We are completely transparent. No hidden fees. No hidden anything.

We’ve all heard horror stories about how couples have been slugged with exorbitant hidden fees. With Noble Photography, you know exactly what you’re getting upfront because we have no hidden fees. Having honesty and integrity is the Noble motto, and that’s one of the reasons why we receive so many word-of-mouth referrals.

Simply stunning photographs, with a striking difference.

Our photography style is different from most other photographers. In fact, even before contacting us, many couples have already made up their minds about using our services simply by viewing our blog gallery updates and wedding photo gallery.

You’ll have a wonderful wedding day because you won’t be asked to continually pose!

At Noble Photography we totally understand that you want to connect with your loved ones on your wedding day, not just with a camera lens.

Our photographic style is a mixture of traditional, journalistic and artistic; which allows us to capture a multitude of candid photographs as the day unfolds.
At times, to achieve the type of photographs you see in our gallery, we will provide gentle direction. We find that our non-intrusive and calm approach achieves the most natural, genuine photographs. And don’t worry, we’ll never ask you to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves!

Your whole wedding has been carefully planned and beautifully orchestrated, so it makes sense that your photographs (one of the most important aspects of your wedding) must be slightly orchestrated too. What we don’t do is bark continual, panicky orders and ask you to pose every two seconds. To us, that’s not a wedding, that’s a boot camp!

You’ll have a great time

We are a small group of highly professional, easygoing and friendly photographers. Our main ‘double goal’ is to take magnificent photographs while ensuring that you have a magnificent time. And all of our couples do!

Recently a groom made this comment to us: ‘I’d heard so many negative stories about wedding photographers, but with you I felt so at ease, almost like having a mate taking the photos.’ That’s exactly the type of comment we love to hear, and we hear comments like these all the time. We are so honoured to work with such fantastic people!


Total peace of mind. We take many photographs at many weddings.

When you hire a wedding photographer from Noble Photography you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are totally experienced. You only have one opportunity to get your wedding photography right, so it’s important to hire a photographer who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

We believe that we are only as good as our last wedding photography job, that’s why we update our blog regularly. As photographers we are continually developing as artists, and as the customer, you have a right to see this development unfold. We’d much rather show you photos from our most recent wedding (an honest depiction), than to showcase 10 of our best shots from the last decade.


Competitively-priced packages, not cheap photography.

We understand that many couples have a specific budget for their wedding photography, and with this in mind, we aim to provide competitively-priced . What you don’t get is cheap photography.

Your wedding day is made up of hundreds of priceless memories that need to be captured at just the right moment, with just the right light, at just the right angle and with just the right camera. You can’t trust this kind of responsibility with just anyone. Each of our wedding photographers has a wealth of experience and expertise.

If you want budget photographs, we are not the photographers for you. If you want exquisite photographs that will serve as a lasting memory of your special day, then we’d love to hear from you.

We are friendly, relaxed and respectful, so that your guests enjoy having us around too.

If you’ve ever been around a panicky photographer, you’ll know that their stress transfers to everyone else, especially the happy couple (who end up looking rather unhappy in the photographs!).

Real emotions are easily transferred to photographs, which is why we remain relaxed and calm – so that your real emotions shine through, not emotions that are being forced upon you.

As well as competently doing our job in the friendliest and calmest way possible, we also have just the right amount of polite firmness to ensure that all your photography requirements are fulfilled. Yes, it can be tricky getting excited families together for photographs, but we do this regularly and with ease. We aim for minimum disruption and maximum courtesy. Your guests will love having us at your wedding, because we love being there!

 We use the highest quality lenses, cameras and image process technologies to ensure that you receive the highest quality photographs.

An artist is only as good as the tools they use, and we only use state-of-the-art equipment.

Extensive coverage of your day. We capture priceless moments even before the ceremony has begun!

We find that some of the most touching moments happen long before the ceremony has begun. Depending on which wedding photography package you choose, we can provide coverage for the bride, or both the bride and groom. These pre-ceremony photographs will later ignite wonderful stories about how you were feeling and what you were doing prior to the ceremony.

A complimentary engagement photo shoot

Some of our wedding photography packages includes a complimentary engagement photography shoot, which is a beautiful way to capture your pre-wedding relationship. It’s also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. Think of it as a fun pre-rehearsal!

The engagement shoot can take place at our studio or at a location of your choice. Some couples choose the location where the big question was popped!

You receive a DVD of all your photographs

You will receive a disc of your photographs with every wedding photography package, including any re-touched or enhanced images that we’ve designed for your album/s. These are your digital proofs that you can view, share or print at any time.

You own 100% copyright of your photographs

You own full copyright of all your photographs so that you can print and share them without seeking our permission. This seems only fair, after all, they are your beautiful photographs.

We have a team of photographers, so there’s no last minute panic if a particular photographer is unexpectedly sick on your big day.

When you work with Noble Photography you aren’t booking one particular photographer with a prestigious name, you are booking a small team of expert photographers under the prestigious name of Noble Photography. If one of our photographers is sick, there’s another equally expert photographer to take their place – creating consistency and calmness. For you, this means priceless peace of mind.

Hand-made, high-quality albums with a lifetime guarantee.

Free initial meeting with no hard sell

We love to make time for an initial first meeting. During this meeting you can talk to us about what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer, and we can show you some further examples of our work.

Don’t worry, this meeting is not about a hard sell, it’s about getting to know you and what you want for your wedding. Rest assured, we get most of our wedding photography bookings through word of mouth referrals, and we are honoured to have a steady stream of bookings. This means we’re not scrabbling for work and we don’t need/want to give anyone an annoying sales pitch.

Another free meeting once you sign up. (That’s two complimentary pre-wedding meetings).

At Noble Photography, it’s the little things that make us different. For example, during our second meeting we ask you a series of in-depth questions about various aspects of your wedding. We ask all the usual questions of course, but we also ask the names of your bridal party and family, so that we can actually call them by their names. We want all emergency contact numbers. In fact, we ask you for details that you may not have even thought about – it’s your big day, so we leave nothing to chance.

We have back up lenses, back up cameras and back up lighting, just in case…

We only have one chance to capture your priceless wedding memories, so for this reason we bring along a raft of superior back up equipment. As mentioned, we leave nothing to chance!

Offsite backups of your digital wedding files, again, just in case…

Are you getting the impression that we like to be careful and meticulous when it comes to protecting your precious memories?!

We treat anything and everything to do with your wedding day like gold, including your digital wedding files (that we have in our possession shortly after taking your wedding photographs). So in case our studio should suddenly burn down the day after your wedding (we really hope this doesn’t happen!), your memories will at least be safely stored offsite.

We have photographed at most Melbourne and Yarra Valley venues/locations

Having worked in this industry for so many years, our photographers are familiar with most Melbourne and Yarra Valley venues and locations. But don’t worry, even if we haven’t been to your particular venue before, we are adept at familiarising ourselves quickly. Not only is this exciting, but it pushes our creative boundaries, resulting in spontaneous and spectacular photographs.

Glowing testimonials from happy clients

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we realise that choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you need to make. For this reason, we include authentic testimonials from happy customers on our website. We are also happy to pass on contact details if you’d rather have a phone conversation with a previous client.

We are sensitive toward family issues or family politics – so that you’re not on edge throughout the day.

Families are made up of many wonderful individuals, and (as with most families) not all these individuals get along. As your wedding photographer, we are extremely mindful of this, and we will follow any particular instructions with absolute discretion and politeness.

We are members of our respective photographic associations

We are members of either the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) and/or the Australian Accredited Professional Photographers (AAP). As members, we must abide by various rules and regulations as governed by such bodies, giving you further peace of mind.

Love is forever. Capturing it is Noble. To ask a question or to enquire about our availability for your wedding date, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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