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Pre Wedding Photography in Melbourne Australia

Pre-Wedding Photography in Melbourne with Carol and Pen from Hong Kong

This was an interesting story with Pen and Carol, they found me through my website, and really liked some of the Melbourne photography locations along with my style of wedding photography.  It all started with an email, wanting images like the ones they had saved from my website, from locations all around Melbourne Australia.  The email came from Hong Kong, the city I love, miss and grew up in!  Anyways, when I got the inquiry and saw the hong kong phone number I decided to give them a call instead of an email, and speak Chinese.  I loved the reaction and how surprised they were about my ability to speak Chinese when I explained that I was the photographer from Australia.

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography in Melbourne Australia

We exchanged several emails before the pre-wedding photo shoot around Melbourne, and they had short listed many locations in and around Melbourne, including Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens, St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne, Rippon Lea House, Lagoon Pier and St Kilda as possible pre-wedding locations.  I really did find it amazing that they were able to find and locate so many wonderful pre wedding locations around melbourne without even having been here before!   The marvels of technology and the internet.

We met the day before the shoot, as they had only just arrived Australia from Hong Kong, just to touch base and have a bit of a plan.  As they were from Hong Kong and not hired a car, we used my car for the photoshoot.  We went to where they were staying and got a few details in and around the house, then with my trusty assistant and Carol and Pen in the car off we went.

Banks of the River – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #1

The first photography location was just off the banks of the yarra, a location which i had never heard of or been to before, but it was quite beautiful!    Carrol and Pen again found this pre wedding photography location, which had beautiful yellow flowers in the field, which matched Carols head piece which she made herself in the morning.

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Great Pre Wedding Photography Locations around the Yarra River Melbourne

Melbourne University – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #2

At Melbourne University another popular Pre-Wedding Photography and Wedding Day Location, we got more gorgeous images.  I love this venue and shoot here frequently.  While we were doing our Pre-wedding photos I noticed a group of people trying to take a group photo of themselves.  Without thinking I offered to take it for them with their camera, and after that they said, take one with your camera, so I quickly repositioned them so that each person was seen in a flattering angle and light, and snapped away.  Turns out one of the guests they referred to as the ‘VIP’ was the consulate general of Chille.  Wow!  They mentioned that they certainly would keep me in mind for future jobs!  Just shows, it’s great to always be of help to people, something that I live by daily.

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne University

Pre Wedding Photography @ Melbourne University

St Patricks Cathedral – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #3

From the Uni we then traveled to St Patricks Cathedral and got a few photos there using some very powerful off camera flashes to over power the bright Australian sun, making the background very blue and reducing the harsh shadows on their faces.

Fitzroy Gardens  Pre-Wedding Photography Location #4

To the Fitzroy gardens,  to capture some images within One of Melbourne’s many Beautiful gardens.  It was funny that they kept really wanting to go to Cooks Cottage for photography, and I did think to myself, why this spot, but that didn’t worry me, I go with the flow.  After arriving at Cooks Cottage, Carol and Pen were laughing, I asked in Chinese “what’s so funny?”  they replied ” We thought it was so much bigger!  It looked so much bigger in the photos online”  We all laughed hard about it, it was like real estate photos, same building and location, but so different in real life!  That is all in the photography and lens selection I suppose.

Pre Wedding Photography Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens Pre Wedding Photography

South Melbourne Town Hall – Pre-Wedding Photography Location #5

From Cooks Cottage we traveled to The South Melbourne Town Hall, Carol was getting a little cold now, and I was not sure if it would be too windy down by the beach.  So we got a few safe shots,  and then headed down the beach.

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Australian Beach Sunset- Pre-Wedding Photography Location #6

Down at the beach we saw some amazing other pre wedding photographers leaving, I thought to myself, why would you leave now, the sky is about to turn amazing, and even though the sun was setting quickly there is always [=that amazing “magic hour” (really magic 15 mins if your lucky) of light.  we made the most of the time we had there, scrambling to setup lights and working in the sand dunes to get some great photos.

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography

Sunset Pre Wedding Photography

Parliament House Melbourne – Night Shoot- Pre-Wedding Photography Location

I really enjoy Night Shooting in Melbourne.  I’m quite confident and proficient with lighting techniques and working in the dark, this time was an added bonus as I didn’t have any time pressures, as I would for Wedding photography.  Here are a few more photos from the night shoot, and of course a photo of me with the lovely couple.

Asian Pre Wedding Photography Melbourne

Pre Wedding Photography at Parliament House Melbourne at Night

Thank you Carol and Pen, it was so great meeting and working with you both, and great to speak Chinese all day.  It was such a privilege, can’t wait to catchup in Hong Kong!!!